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Inland Revenue

page lists the Inland Revenue category listing government agencies in Leicester. To bring up contact details and visitors' reviews for any government agency on this page, view its profile.


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Reviews relating to government agencies

  • You were lucky by P Mabe

    (HM Revenue & Customs) I still can't get anyone human to answer the phone hours now on hold at over £1 a minute. USELESS!!...

  • Rubbish Telephone systems by Ged Hunter

    (HM Revenue & Customs) What a rubbish telephone system. Wrong numbers on the Internet, so have to redial, then you get a stupid system...

  • Useless Log on for Self assessment by N Cotton

    (HM Revenue & Customs) I'm trying to log on for self assessment and so far have different 3 ids, 1 password and 2 reset...

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