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This page lists government agencies in Leicester. For more information on any of the government agencies on this page, view its profile.


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Reviews relating to government agencies

  • Please make it easy for us,the family... by Mrs. Nancy Sucgang

    (HMYOI Glen Parva) So difficult to book, experiencing what others have been through. Now that i was able to have my first visit...

  • Visit by Treezy

    (HMYOI Glen Parva) Your very luck if they pick up the phone. ive been trying for three days to book , the phone...

  • Booking office 4 visits by D.taylor

    (HMYOI Glen Parva) I agree with previous complainants trying to get through 2 book visit is horrendess when you finaly get through it...

  • MADNESSS by Charr

    (HMYOI Glen Parva) I agree that the staff on the visit wher excellent and very co operative but trying to book the visit...

  • Read me by Crystal smith

    (HMYOI Glen Parva) Hi i have grate things to say bout glen prva i find the volenters a verry help...

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