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Book Shops

This page lists book shops in Leicester. On this page you will find book shops listed. Further details for each one can be found by visiting their profile pages.


More specific subcategories with additional Leicester book shops can be found further down the page.



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Reviews relating to book shops

  • Closed Sept 2014 by Trevor

    (Magic Labyrinth) Its closed closedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosedclosed...

  • Slow to get new books out by Janie

    (WHSmith) Every time I try to get a book from Fosse Park store, I find I have to wait several weeks...

  • Fantastic original comic book place for fans by J. A. Nonimuss

    (Magic Labyrinth) You could go online and order a comic book, you could go to any old generic bookstore and obtain a...

  • AMAZING by Sally o'neil

    (Magic Labyrinth) If you like comics then this is the place to go, 2 wholes floors packed full of comics! all your...

  • Comic heaven by Dave

    (Magic Labyrinth) The largest selection of comics in Leicestershire. From the latest imports of Batman, Spiderman, wolverine, Superman, X-men & so many...

  • Opening and closing times by H.S

    (WHSmith) Hello, this is a very good web site but....... please can you put the opening and closing times on the...

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