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Tessellated Pavements

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The high degree of artistic skill possessed by the Roman dwellers in Leicester and applied in their domestic architecture is forcibly shown by the remarkable fragments of tessellated pavement discovered in various parts of the town, more especially by the splendid specimens now so advantageously preserved under the arches of the Great Central Railway, and in the cellar of a shop opposite St. Nicholas Church; relics which alone would render the town of Leicester in the highest degree interesting to the antiquarian.

The large area in and about Leicester in which Roman remains have been found in the shape of fragments of pottery and glass of various styles and workmanship, beads, ornaments and utensils, besides innumerable coins of many periods, is very remarkable and full of interest, as indicating the growth and prosperity of the colony as the conquering and conquered races gradually intermingled and dwelt together.

Scarcely could a street be named in any central part of the town which has not contributed, at some time or other, its own valuable quota to the general store of interesting objects of this period; and scarcely an excavation of any depth or extent has been made here or in the suburbs, without the reasonable expectation of bringing to light additional proofs of the high civilization and artistic work of our Roman predecessors in Leicester.

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