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Tattoo parlours and tattooists providing tatoos and piercings.



  • Abody

    Based in St. Martins, Leicester.
    Tel: 0116-262 1500
    Address: 15 St. Martins, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 5DE
  • Beyond Reality

    Based in Pinfold Gate, Loughborough.
    Tel: 01509 238887
    Address: 36 Pinfold Gate, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 1BE
  • Dave BannersTattoo 2000

    Based in Gravel Street, Leicester.
    Tel: 0116-261 9100
    Address: 81 Gravel Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 3AG
  • Devil's Own Tattoos & Piercing Studios

    Based in Braunstone Gate, Leicester.
    Tel: 0116 299 0085
    Address: 75 Braunstone Gate, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 5LH
  • Inkhouse

    Based in Malcolm Arcade, Leicester.
    Tel: 0116-251 3548
    Address: 12-13 Malcolm Arcade, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 5FT
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  • Kazbah

    Based in Malcolm Arcade, Leicester.
    Tel: 0116-253 0543
    Address: 13 Malcolm Arcade, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 5FT
  • Krazyhorse Tattoos

    Based in The Parade, Oadby.
    Tel: 0116-271 4764
    Address: 73 The Parade, Oadby, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 5BB
  • Kustom Ink Tattoo

    Based in Brookside, Syston.
    Tel: 0116 319 0455
    Address: 1st Floor, Brooke Studio, 8 Brookside, Syston, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE7 1GG
  • Nodoubt

    Based in Nottingham Street, Melton Mowbray.
    Tel: 07958 378314
    Address: 53 Nottingham Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1NN
  • Skins & Needles

    Based in Blaby Road, Wigston.
    Tel: 0116-278 3700
    Address: 32 Blaby Road, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 4SB
  • Steel 'n' Stones

    Based in High Street, Coalville.
    Tel: 01530 830666
    Address: 1st Floor, 20 High Street, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3ED
  • Swannys Tattoo Studio

    Based in Ling Road, Loughborough.
    Tel: 01509 211844
    Address: 23a Ling Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2LW
  • Tattoo (2000)

    Based in Market Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouch.
    Tel: 01530 415482
    Address: 104B Market Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1AP
  • Tattoo City

    Based in Upperton Road, Leicester.
    Tel: 0116-254 1319
    Address: 4 Upperton Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE3 0BG
  • The House Of David

    Based in Belgrave Gate, Leicester.
    Tel: 0116-253 8624
    Address: 30a Belgrave Gate, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 3GP
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    Tattoo Artist Reviews

    Find out what people are saying about Leicester tattoo artists.

    • Amazing - review of Kazbah by Lauren

      So helpful, nothing is too much to ask. Very informative and my piercing is perfect. So clean, everything is sanitised as it should be during the pandemic! Can’t recommend enough... More »

    • Nice people - review of Kazbah by Deb lyons

      Gav is a great person , and his wife , always look after you,... More »

    • Nice people - review of Kazbah by Deb lyons

      Gav is a great person , and his wife , always look after you,... More »

    • Rudely refused help when I came back in - review of Kazbah by Anonymous

      Initially they were brilliant, very clean and helpful. However I was told that if i encountered any issues to come in, I came in in pain after my nose ring had become unattached... More »

    • Fantastic friendly professional staff,explained everything clearly,would highly - review of Kazbah by Shazzer

      From the moment I first walked in all very friendly,helpful giving great advise.They were highly recommended to me,and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to everyone.... More »

    • Highly recommend - review of Kazbah by Simran

      Got my first tattoo at the shop in Malcolm's Arcade by Gav and it came out perfectly! The placement, the size, the shape and the thinness of the line was exactly how I... More »

    • Brilliant!! - review of Kazbah by MelissaG

      After a rather traumatic experience at another shop I decided to try Kazbah on the recommendation of my friends. From the start of my visit there I knew this was the place for... More »

    • Best Place Ever!! - review of Kazbah by Charlotte Moore

      I have had several piercings done here and I love it! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and they remember me each and every time I come in! (Maybe I'm here a little... More »

    • Very nice place - review of Kazbah by Peter Marchant

      Hi im don Twitter @petermarchant19 it is a nice place I live it a lot it is nice woman there thank you donxxx 07538248230... More »

    • Peircing - review of Kazbah by Adelle

      Hi Ronnie, yes it was an auto correct, I didn't write rissole, many apologises Rissa. I also appreciate you bringing me upto date and yes the shop was very busy at the time of... More »

    • Peircing by Adelle - review of Kazbah by Ronnie Hughes

      Hi Adelle, the lady you speak of with the long white hair, is not old, far from it. Her name is Rissa, and not rissole, I can only assume that was... More »

    • Peircing by Adelle - review of Kazbah by Ronnie Hughes

      Hi Adelle, the lady you speak of with the long white hair, is not old, far from it. Her name is Rissa, and not rissole, I can only assume that was... More »

    • Peircing - review of Kazbah by Adelle

      I came to the silver street shop for a piercing. The shop it's self is very nice and well laid out. They guy who did my piercing very good, quick and put me at... More »

    • Talented and friendly - review of Dave BannersTattoo 2000 by Steve

      I have had a lot of work done by Dave at tattoo 2000 and I have always walked away happy with the results.. friendly atmosphere and talented artists who listen to what the... More »

    • Friendly & Helpful - review of Kazbah by App76

      Just had by Piercing done at Kazbah 01.11.14, i found the staff from the offset to be friendly and very helpful I was unsure what to go for but, I think the lady that... More »

    • Best Tattooist and piercing studio by far. - review of Kazbah by The Tattooed Lady

      Both my husband and I have had our Tattoo's and piercings at these two studios. Both owned by the lovely Martin and Julie. Julie,Martin, Charlie,Pete,Raine, Che and all staff at Silver Street studio. FANTASTIC!... More »

    • Amazing service :) - review of Kazbah by Martha

      All of my friends have had their piercings done there and they are so good. Healed perfectly. Never any infections. I went to buy a cartilage ring but the man told me that... More »

    • Good reason - review of Kazbah by Redhead

      I must say i have never known the owners of kazbah to be anything but nice and polite and i would never entertain going anywhere else for a piercing or tattoo especially if... More »

    • DIRTY TACTICS - review of Kazbah by Martin Goldtooth

      OK SO ANNOYED AND UPSET was asked to leave my shop KAZBAH and also refrain from taking photographs of our stock- the reality is ANNOYED and UPSET was not a customer but a... More »

    • KAZBAH the great - review of Kazbah by JAYS

      I would recommend KAZBAH to everyone.The owner is so LOVELY .She all way makes you welcome . i have all my piercings there xxxxxx... More »

    • KAZBAH YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - review of Kazbah by ANNE K


    • Rudest owner ever - review of Kazbah by Annoyed and upset

      I have never been spoken to in such a demeaning and offensive manor. I will never visit this shop again.... More »

    • Great Shop - review of Kazbah by Anonymous

      Just have to say that the new shop on Silver Street is brill, check out the piercer Charlie, wow how nice is he, made me feel at ease when i had my... More »

    • Much love 'fo Kazbah! - review of Kazbah by Theres

      Actually the best place to get piercings and tattoos done in the world! They have soooo many different stretchers, I even get my 45's from there :D The people are all lovely and... More »

    • Tattoo'd and pierced @ kazbar - review of Kazbah by April Bennett

      I have had 10 piercings and 1 tattoo at kazbar and am about to go back for my 2nd tattoo, I love it there and wouldn't consider going anywhere else.... More »

    • Nose piercing! - review of Kazbah by Myrren

      I had my nose pierced at Kazbah about 6 weeks ago,and i love it! The process was so quick and easy and well worth it.The man who pierced it was so nice and... More »

    • Piercings - review of Kazbah by Chloe

      Hi im 13 i have had many piercings,not all done here but i had my ear lobes done and cartlidge at the house of david and had nothing but problems and then i... More »

    • Lip piercing, - review of Kazbah by Anonymous

      I had my lip pierced at Kazbah a few weeks ago, and they were very good. The process was quick and everyone there was so friendly, at first, I was terrified. But, the... More »

    • Brilliant!! - review of Kazbah by Frank

      I had my navel pierced yesterday, and i was extreemly nervous, but the piercer and his assistant calmed me down instantly and he did it so quick i didnt feel a thing! all... More »

    • 4 Piercings later and I'm going back for more ;) - review of Kazbah by Vikki

      Im only 14 and In the past year and a bit, i've had four piercings by pete at Kazbah. The first was my belly button, and i had that done a couple of... More »

    • Brilliant piercing! - review of Kazbah by Anonymous

      I went to Kazbah yesterday to get my belly button pierced. When I got there with my Auntie I was a bit nervous, so the lady talked to me and gave me all... More »

    • AMAZING. go to kazbah! - review of Kazbah by Miss anon!

      Hey, im 13 years old and recently got my belly pierced at kazbah. it is amazing!..i was so scared at first because i have a phobea for needles, but the people in there... More »

    • No where else can compare - review of Kazbah by Miss anonymous

      I have 10 tattoos 8 of which were done here, no where else can compare, martin is a very talented tattoo artist, and Shay is just amazing, his work is awesome, (and he... More »

    • Absolutely amazing! - review of Kazbah by Carley

      For anyone getting a piercing I recommend Kazbah. I go every time I get a new, and will most definitely be going when I get a tattoo. Everyone is extremely friendly and the... More »

    • Pete is the needle master! - review of Kazbah by Sarah-Jane

      If rue looking for a place to get pierced then I would recommend kazbah! There's no faffing around, Pete is great at calming nervous people and it's the cleanest place! Everything is out... More »

    • Amazing - review of Kazbah by It's a secret :)

      If your looking for top-quality work, then I'd seriously suggest u come on down to the shop and have a flick thru there portfolios! There work is brill! You will not be disappointed!... More »

    • Love my dermal implant! - review of Kazbah by Anonymous

      Kazbah are extremely upto date with trends as they now do dermal implants! They look amazing! And they're only £45! Bargain! And the staff there are extremely nice and are good at calming... More »

    • Nicest people in the world!!!! - review of Kazbah by Sainy boo

      This realli is the best place in Leicester to get tattooed and pierced! The nicest staff, the best quality of work and the strongest smell of disinfectant!!!!! Bin getting tattooed here since I... More »

    • BEST PLACE TO GET PIERCINGS DONE EVER! - review of Kazbah by Jackwillsismylife.

      I'm nearly 14 and have got my first,second,third ears pierced there, my belly button pierced, my nose pierced and soon i'll get my tongue pierced there. (i'm not a greb btw i'm very... More »

    • I would D E F I N A T L E Y recommened - review of Kazbah by Hannah

      I am 15 and went to Kazhah to get my belly pierced, the staff were lovely and told me exactley whay was going to happen. They also made general conversation with me and... More »

    • BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!! - review of Kazbah by Abbie

      Heyy, i went to kazbah today to get my navel pierced, i was soo scared. But i got thier and i chose my bar, then i went upstairs and the man that did... More »

    • BEST PLACE TO GET PIERCINGS - review of Kazbah by Malikorous

      I've got 8 piercings in my ears, and only the last two were done at kazbah, (cartilige) they offer by far the best service. The people are friendly and give good advice on... More »

    • Tattoo No 2 - review of Kazbah by Alison Holme

      I got my second tattoo done at Kazbah 3 weeks ago. Me and a friend were in Leicester clothes shopping and she recommended it to me. When we stepped inside we met two... More »

    • 8 times around - review of Kazbah by Eliza Dolittle

      Yet again Kazbah rocks. 4th tattoo and would higly recommend anyone to use them. 5th piercing, all have healed really well.... More »

    • BRILLIANT!!!!!! - review of Kazbah by Hayley Smith

      I am 14 years old and recently went to get my belly pierced at kazbah. it was the first place i thought of and new i could rely on kazbah. i also had... More »

    • The Phoenix live on! - review of Skins & Needles by Lisa Cleaver

      I have a wonderful piece of artwork done by Beverly 10 years ago, still shines on till date, absolutely marvelous job.... More »

    • GOOD - review of Abody by Darren

      These are custom tattooist so they do take there time which does mean you end up with a nice tattoo but you will pay alot more than most as only a little gets... More »

    • Very Good - review of Kazbah by Anonymous

      Hii Im 13 and i recently (In July 2008) got my belly button pierced at Kazbah. I was very nervous as i did not know what to expect and so i went there with... More »

    • Must Read!!!! - review of Kazbah by Anonymous

      I reacently went Kazbah for the first time and just walked by the shop when my friend wanted to stop and have a quick look. At fist to me it seemed quite scary as... More »

    • Love It - review of Kazbah by Stephanie

      I would really rate this place for a piercing, i've had 5 piercings here. Belly, nose, Lip, ears & Top ear. They are really professional and would help you with a piercing in... More »

    Map Showing Tattoo artists

    Map showing location of tattoo artists in Leicester.