The Guildhall

The city's one-time town hall, Leicester Guildhall is an impressive timber-frame construction that dates back to the 15th century when it was used for meetings of the Guild of Corpus Christi. The building itself is not only Grade 1 listed, but is also surrounded by a large conservation area that takes in the beautiful St Martin's cathedral nearby.

The Guildhall lies within Leicester's ancient walled city and has hosted gatherings of important local dignitaries for centuries, at times being used as courtroom or even as a theatre. In fact, there are many stories of William Shakespeare having performed at the Guildhall, even that his King Lear was based upon the tale of a local king that he picked up upon whilst visiting Leicester.

After a number of changes of usage, including school and police station, today's Guildhall has a dual function: a fascinating and intimate museum by day, a popular local music venue after dark.

For those interested in all things paranormal, Leicester Guildhall is reputed to be haunted by a number of spirits and several local organisations arrange over-night ghost hunting events there - the building has even starred in TV ghost show, 'Most Haunted'.