New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

Based in the city centre, The New Walk Museum with its adjoining art gallery is Leicester's premier museum, with exhibitions on anything from ancient Egypt to aboriginal art. There are two stunning complete dinosaur skeletons on show in the museum, alongside which are a number of interactive models and displays covering all things prehistoric. The museum's extensive displays on the subject of life in ancient Egypt are also well worth a look, as is the exhibit dedicated to the area's geological history that showcases many local fossil and mineral discoveries.

Perhaps the most interactive, and certainly timely, of all the museum's exhibitions is that covering the natural world and the varied habitats in which life thrives. In this exhibition you can take a walk through a variety of different environments, from arctic to jungle to savannah, or even use video microscopes to explore the world of insects.

The museum also comprehensively covers the history of art from prehistory to the present day, with more modern exhibitions taking place next door in the museum's Art Gallery.

Situated as it is in one of the country's most socially and culturally diverse cities, the museum offers a unique community space for local groups to express themselves in a variety of media, from photography to sculpture.